Wireless Simple Config Seminar

Simple configuration of wireless networks is a hot topic at the moment. Microsoft’s Rally program will include an implementation of the Wi-Fi Alliance‘s new protocol, code named Simple Config. Microsoft’s version is called Windows Connect Now-NET. Intel released an open source reference implementation.

Frank Hanzlik, the Wi-Fi Alliance’s managing director, is quoted in a WiFiNetNews posting though as saying “Simple Config isn’t quite as simple as all that.” For somebody implementing it, that is perhaps true, but it should be much simpler for end users.

Devicescape, my employer, is holding a free seminar next week to explain simple config from both a user’s perspective and, perhaps more importantly at the moment, from an engineer’s perspective.

Following on from my Asterisk enabled access point last year, I will be showing how to integrate Devicescape’s implementation of the proposed protocol (called Easy Access Technology) into a consumer device. That device this year is a home-made digital picture frame that connects to Flickr for its photos.

If you are going to be in the vicinity of the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose around 8:30am on Wednesday June 14, please stop by, pick up breakfast, say hello or ask any questions you might have about simple config or building a digital photo frame. If you can’t attend, or would like more information, drop me a line at my work email: john <at> devicescape <dot> com.

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  1. Do you know if there is any relationship between Simple Config and Intel’s Hub Connect (the network configuration part of the Viiv platform)?

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