Hard Drive Detail

USS Enterprise?This is a close up shot of the underside of the hard disc that I froze to recover the contents from it. By the way, that same disc is running just fine as one of a RAID-1 pair in another machine now (both my main office machines are now using RAID-1 pairs – shame the laptop cannot, but the X40 only has space for half a hard drive as it is.

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  1. Hello,
    I have 2 hard drives: 40gb and 160gb. The 40 is the master drive with the operating system. It crashed and I had to reformat, which changed the identification from “C” to “F” drive. The 2nd drive was given the letter “C”, and contained all my backup data. I was able to use the “C” drive for a few days, but suddenly the computer says “this disk is not formatted, do you want to format it?” I know it is formatted and need to retrieve the data on it. Can you help? If I buy a new computer, can I move the “C” drive to it and retrieve the data? Can you help?

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