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So here is what I’ve been working on for past few months… a service that helps you login at wireless hotspots. What is the big deal there you ask? Well, from your laptop it is only a small inconvenience to jump through a hotspot’s sign-on page, but on a phone like the Linksys WIP300 it is impossible normally since the phone doesn’t include a web browser.

With Devicescape’s firmware in the phone, you can walk into a hotspot (currently a US T-Mobile location, any FON hotspot worldwide or Google’s Mountain View municipal network, with more to follow soon), switch on and start making calls using your Gizmo or other SIP account.

Want to try it? Sign up at, download the software for your device (currently supported: Windows XP, Windows Mobile 5, the Linksys WIP300 and the Nokia 770 web tablet), enter your account info and roam around town. Remember, it’s a beta so if you encounter problems be sure to let us know and we’ll try to fix it.

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