The Saga Continues

So, having loaded us all on to the aircraft in Stockholm, Lufthansa then informs us that we’ll be delayed an hour because of bad weather at Munich (I can’t believe they didn’t know this before they put us on the plane, but we were on board by then). Sure enough, we’re late leaving and then have to wait a little outside of Munich too. The connection to London was already tight, but they keep telling us all departing flights are delayed too. Just before we land they tell us that passengers for the London flight should go as quickly as possible to gate G46 to get on the plane.

We land, and they park us at G02 – the opposite end of the airport. So, we rush all the way over to G46, passing through a passport control on the way, only to get there and be told the flight already left. Apparently, it never occurred to them to wait for the 15-20 passengers coming in from Stockholm.

Next, we’re told there’s no more planes to London. A little pressure though and they get us on the BA flight, leaving at 9:15pm, but also delayed until 9:30pm. The catch? It is in the other terminal and there isn’t time to process all of us and get us paperwork for the flight. So we’re sent over to Terminal 1 (a 10-15 minute fast walk from where we are, and return back through passport control) without any papers at all. At Terminal 1, we line up at BA checkin to get a boarding pass since we can’t get through security without one.

Then it is back through passport control (3rd time since landing at Munich) and security and we’re all waiting now at the gate for the BA flight to London. Hopefully this one will be uneventful, though it is only 10 minutes before it is due to leave and we’re still not boarding 🙁

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