Too Rough

Too RoughAs you can see from the photo, the weather out on the bay tonight was far too rough for the ferry service to be running. With rough seas like that, what captain would want to risk taking their high tech catamaran ferry out of the safety of its dock.

Seriously, tonight’s ferry services from San Francisco to Alameda/Oakland was canceled. The service website said this:

Due to extreme weather conditions, ferry service is canceled for the remainder of today.

Does it look that bad? And remember that they ran the boats quite happily through the worst of the weather this morning.

Bus Bridge

As a replacement for the commute ferries, a bus service was operating, but the bus carried around half the normal load of the evening ferries, and was timed to depart from the ferry building 10-15 minutes before the normal ferry departure time. If I was being cynical, I’d say that was by design to encourage people to use alternatives and lighten the load on the buses!

Bay Ship

Bay ShipMore photos of the sunset over the city tonight, only tonight I had the 20D with me, so the photos are sharper! Also got this reflection of one of Bay Ship’s sheds reflecting in the almost totally still water it is built over.

The ship yard was still busy, with crews working on the luxury motor yacht Pangaea (which has been in the yard pretty much the whole year – and seems to be undergoing a major refit) as well as some other vessels they have up on shore or in the floating dry dock.

Ferry Terminal Sunset

Ferry Terminal SunsetStepping off the ferry this evening in Alameda, this was the view down the estuary back towards San Francisco! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 20D with me, just the trusty Nokia N95, and while the shot is still beautiful, I have to admit it did not do the scene justice. Tomorrow, and perhaps for the rest of this week, I will carry the 20D with me too!

I actually have a few from last week when I took it, but still need to upload those. Watch for more sunset photos in the Flickr stream this week…

REPOST: Anybody Got a Bucket?

Anybody Got a Bucket?This little boat has been here for a few weeks now just like this, half full of water. I guess nobody has needed to use it, which makes me wonder why it was even left where it is.

Maybe one day somebody will take the time to bail it out 🙂

[Reposted after the original was lost in a strange database problem at my hosting provider.]

Mint Leaf Menu

I have taken a few photos of the Mint Leaf menu and uploaded them here so you can see what options are available.

This is the main menu page, showing all the starters and main course options (click the image for a larger view):

And this is the lunch menu page:

I didn’t include the page with the side dishes, deserts and beverages, the latter including a selection of beer and sake options. If you’re looking for a desert, I recommend trying the Cream Cheese Cigar with Bananas – you might want to share it though!

Mint Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant

Mint Leaf Vietnamese RestaurantHeading out to do a quick network access test at McDonald’s tonight, then on to pick up some dinner from a new Vietnamese restaurant right here in Alameda: the Mint Leaf.

Located in Marina Village, the Mint Leaf is a sit down restaurant. We went for dinner a couple of weeks back and ate in. Tonight I’m planning to pick up and head home since I’m eating alone. Their website is not yet live, but you can check out the reviews on Yelp and ChowHound.

Ring Bell and Wait

What else would they do?Hanging on the fence next to the gates to the loading bay at the Hangar 1 facility in Alameda is this sign. I wonder what caused them to use this wording though? Had there been incidents of truck drivers arriving, ringing the bell and then driving off? Or, perhaps, getting out, ringing the bell and then hopping back in the cab and just driving through the gates?

The mind boggles!

Open Top Public Transit

Open Top TrolleyLast weekend MUNI was running this open top trolley along the Embarcadero, apparently as a shuttle service for something. Aside from being a trolley I haven’t seen often, it also caught my eye because it was flying both the Stars & Stripes and a Union Jack flag (it is the one on the far side in this photo).

Not sure who it was shuttling, nor why there was a Union Jack flying on it – anybody know?

Cindarella Bicycle

BicycleA grey, and relatively cold Memorial Day weekend here in Alameda. It actually rained a little on Saturday, was blustery and cold on Sunday and only a little better for Monday.

Today, of course, was back to blue skies and sunshine.

The photo was taken in the small playground area attached to the Ruby Bridges Elementary School here in Bayport, Alameda (even though Flickr still thinks that all the photos I take in Alameda are actually from Oakland).

Could not activate EDGE

Could not activate EDGEHow can the AT&T network have so many dead spots in the heart of one of the most high-tech areas on the planet?

And look at the signal strength – I had 4 our of 5 bars. I guess when they say more bars in more places they took it literally: the signal is strong, but the service is still unavailable.