Toddler Book: B Is For Bulldozer

Purchased at the same time as My Truck Is Stuck, B Is For Bulldozer by June Sobel & Melissa Iwai, also made it into the nightly reading list on a regular basis for our little boy.

Cleverly designed such that each page represents a letter of the alphabet, the book describes the construction and opening of a new theme park. Most of the time the rhyming works well, and this book was also a firm favourite.

Adult Opinion

Personally, while I like the overall concept, the title is a little misleading (the bulldozer only appears on the one page!) and I think the highlighted letter for each page is totally lost on our little one right now. 

Again, I would give this a three star rating if it wasn’t for the number of times it was requested by our little boy for his evening reading. So, on the basis of that, I think it too gets a four star rating.